appearances are deceptive

appearances are deceptive
A common US form is appearances are deceiving.

1666 G. TORRIANO Italian Proverbs 12 Appearance oft deceives.

1784 in Collections of Massachusetts Hist. Society (1877) III. 186 The appearances in those mountainous regions are extremely deceptive.

1846 H. MELVILLE Typee xxiv. Appearances..are deceptive. Little men are sometimes very potent, and rags sometimes cover very extensive pretensions.

1927 E. F. BENSON Lucia in London v. Mr. Merriall..watched the three figures at Georgie’s door. ‘Appearances are deceptive,’ he said. ‘But isn’t that Olga Shuttleworth and Princess Isabel\?’

2002 A. VANNEMAN Sherlock Holmes and Giant Rat of Sumatra xviii. 128 ‘Why, Mr. Holmes, you are the most wide-awake man here.’ ‘Appearances are deceiving,’ returned Holmes.

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